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“WOW-Women Of War”

Monday, September 23, 2019 – 7pm

The Rice County Historical Society and the Faribault Branch of the American Association of University Women are co-sponsoring a program that brings Rochester artist Al Smith to Faribault to present “WOW: Women of War.”

The program is 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23 at the Rice County Historical Society, 1814 NW Second Ave., in the Calander Family Room.

Smith, using only pencil, set out a number of years ago to recreate photographed scenes from the horrific truth of the Vietnam War. He found a spiritual connection to each soldier he drew for what he titled “The Vietnam Experience.”

After he completed that project, he used has artistic talents to create a “War Heroes” journey, creating portraits of soldiers from stories of war. But the women who came to his “War Heroes” programs would always ask, “Where are the women?” So, he learned about how women contributed to war efforts and created “Women of War” portraits that include WASP’s (Women Airforce Service Pilots), nurses and other women served in World War II.

 “WOW-Women Of War” presentation is a collection of women from different countries that played a significant role in the allied efforts at home and in uniform to help win the war in Europe. Over 400,000 American women served in uniform in newly formed women’s military units and General Eisenhower stated that we could not have won the war without them. There will be a power-point presentation of the women plus a brief background outline of their bravery. Also a  table top display of drawings and followed by a  Q&A session.

Since there is limited seating, those who plan to are strongly encouraged to call the RCHS Museum at 332-2121 to reserve a space. For AAUW and RCHS members the program is free; for non-members, a $3 fee.