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1855 – Faribault History Video Series

Join Samuel Temple and Logan Ledman as they scour Faribault’s history for stories big and small, and present their findings on 1855″. Various episodes feature interviews with historians, experts, or historic people themselves. Several episodes feature local middle school students who did research on the episode’s subject as part of community involvement outreach from the 1855 team. Nearly every episode features original music from local musician Sam Dwyer.

The video series, begun in the Fall of 2015 when both young men were in 9th grade, continue to be researched, written and presented by Logan and Samuel. These videos are made possible by a grant from the Faribault Foundation and by support from Faribault Community Television, where it is broadcast. Every episode is available for free online following the links below.

Season One

  • Alexander Faribault –  Released in September of 2015, this episode tells the inspiring story of the town founder.
  • Bruce Smith Released in October of 2015, this episode shares the All-American saga of the Heisman-winning athletic legend from Faribault.
  • Liz Strohfus (Betty Wall) – Released in November of 2015, this episode brings the delightful icon herself, Liz Strohfus, to the screen as she shares memories from her high-flying service as a Women Airforce Service Pilot during World War II.
  • Bishop Whipple – Released in December of 2015, this episode shares the life of the profound leader who chose Faribault as his base from which to advocate for Native American rights through his sermons and Presidential correspondence.
  • Fleckenstein Brewery – Released in February of 2016, this episode serves up the tale of Bavarian immigrants coming to town with nothing but their brewing experience and building up their name to become a local landmark.

Season Two

  • Bethlehem Academy – Released in July of 2016, this episode lays out how the pursuit of academic excellence, technological advancement, and faith can all fit under one school’s roof for over 150 years.
  • Tilt-A-Whirl  – Released in August of 2016, this episode tells the proud story of the internationally-loved amusement ride invention of an eccentric Faribault craftsman and his family’s legacy.
  • Tedd Nelson – Released in August of 2016, this episode of 1855 MINI runs through the story of the Faribault-born Olympic track contender.
  • Howard Bachrach – Released in September of 2016, this episode of 1855 MINI attempts the extraordinary feat of detailing this scientist from Faribault’s prolific accomplishments in eradicating harmful diseases such as polio.
  • Olaf Hanson – Released in January of 2017, this episode shares the uplifting life story of the first deaf architect in America and the deaf community he helped build up in Faribault.
  • Faribault Woolen Mill  – Released in March of 2017, this episode details an internationally-recognized industrial powerhouse with a history and culture that has a following of its own.
  • The Season Two finale: the Peoples of Faribault episode. In the longest and most impactful installment to date, Logan and Samuel interview four local experts, in addition to the students of the Cannon River STEM School, and tell the story of the major ethnic groups and nationalities that have populated Faribault since the beginning.

Coming Soon:

  • The Faribault Foods MINI episode, featuring interviews from the students of Shattuck-St. Mary’s.