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1855 – Faribault History Video Series

Join Samuel Temple and Logan Ledman as they scour Faribault’s history for stories big and small, and present their findings on 1855 Faribault.

The video series, begun in the Fall of 2015 when both young men were in 8th grade, continue to be researched, written and presented by Logan and Samuel.  These videos are made possible by support from and shown on FCTV.



  • Alexander Faribault –  Logan Ledman and Samuel Temple search for Alexander Faribault’s story in the first episode of “1855”.
  • Liz Strohfus (Betty Wall) – For the November edition of 1855, Logan Ledman and Samuel Temple are joined by the delightful Liz Strohfus to tell her story as a WASP during World War II
  • Bruce Smith For this month on 1855, Logan Ledman and Samuel Temple explore the life of athletic legend Bruce Smith.



  • Bishop Whipple – Logan Ledman and Samuel Temple examine the life of Bishop Henry Whipple with research from the students of the Cannon River STEM School.
  • Fleckenstein Brewery –  Although no longer in operation, this video shares the history of this well known local brewery
  • Bethlehem Academy – Begun in 1876, Samuel and Logan share the history of  BA
  • Tedd Nelson (1855 Mini) – This short video features the Faribault track legend, Ted Nelson
  • Tilt-A-Whirl  – Invented in Faribault in 1926, Samuel and Logan share the story of this local invention that became a national treasure