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Upcoming Events at the Rice County Historical Society

Posted on: Sep 20 2013 by admin


We are offering workshops aimed at helping individuals care for their own family treasures.   We all have something from previous generations.  Trying to decide where to begin and how best to take care of these items can be challenging.  Each of the sessions in workshop series will focus on a different type of item, with 90 minutes of  handouts, general care tips, and pointers for long term storage and 30 minutes of specific questions or to give advice on problem items.  Each session is $8 for non-members and $5 for members.  Attend just one session, or attend all of them!

PLEASE NOTE that reservations are strongly encouraged to ensure that there are handouts for all participants.  Call 507-332-2121 for a reservations.


Session Three: Textiles

Textiles include all items made of cloth including quilts, doilies, baptismal dresses, wedding dresses, etc.   The Tuesday, February 24th session will focus on storage, care, and other important pointers for ensuring that these treasures will be around for future generations.

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TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2015, 6-8PM

Session Four: Electronic Records

Today’s treasures are equally important to preserve for future generations.  Family letters, email correspondence, and especially photographs are all digital these days.  Yet, despite how easy they are to create, electronic documents don’t always stand up to the test of time.  How many of us have “lost” a digital something after a technology upgrade?  The session on Tuesday, March 10th will focus in on the ongoing care needed to preserve electronic records including annually “spinning the disks,” .tiff verses jpg files, five year replacement of media, and migrating records.

Don’t be put off by the terms!  This information will be presented for the average user.  If you can type an email, create a document, or download a photo off of your camera, this session is for you.